13 May 2017, Huddersfield

After appearing at the most prestigious, national crime-writing festival in Harrogate this year, and following, frankly, ‘murderous’ requests for advice on real life protocol and procedures at crime scenes, I’m excited to announce that I’ve created a unique workshop for crime-writing authors and readers of crime, in conjunction with CSI experience company Think Forensic. Morning and afternoon sessions available: 10am – 1pm, and 2pm – 5pm. Escorting you through (thankfully, re-enacted) real-life investigations and crime scenes will be a senior investigating officer, a CSI (crime scene investigator), a crash investigator and a forensic linguist. We will all be on hand to guide you through the true processes and techniques used in real criminal investigations, including how to read fire scenes, real-life evidence gathering, how to protect crime scenes, and how a crash scene is examined. The blood spatter room, for example, will give you a unique opportunity to see for yourself how the patterns made reveal the amount of blows that took place, where the offender and victim were stood at impact, how many people were in the room, etc., etc. There will also be a more general writing workshop during the day, which will cover more generic writing issues, such as how to address the structure and content of your book, writers’ block, and your publishing options in today’s digital world. Long gone are the days when you can bend your local bobby’s ear for realistic procedural insight. The more successful crime writers wouldn’t release a book without fully checking the accuracy of their content with law enforcement professionals like us. This is an opportunity no author can afford to miss – take full advantage of the wealth of experience we hold. Please note that the author/reader workshop take place at Think Forensic’s dedicated crime centre in West Yorkshire. Staff are subject to change, depending on availability. For further details, or to book on the event, contact


I’m open to holding workshops to groups of writers on any aspect of the writing, production, publishing or book marketing processes. If you have an idea of/theme for a workshop that you’d like me to deliver, drop me an email at

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